Logistics solutions

Our richly stocked machine park is continually expanded, enabling us to provide additional services. Warehousing services offered by LS Logistics include:

  • storage
  • picking
  • cross-docking
  • co-manufacturing
  • all added value services (VAS), including labeling, blistering, packing, thermal lamination, marking, heat sealing, assembling promotional sets, adding freebies, samples and many others.

All goods are treated with utmost care; insurance policies protect the company and its customers against all accidents, both during transportation and at the warehouse.
Our comprehensive logistics service strengthens our customers’ competitive position and enables them to focus on their business.

By supporting our  customers’ logistic processes, we ensure:

  • flexible adaptation to the customer’s expectations;
  • efficient system of distributing goods to recipients worldwide;
  • logistic consulting – access to the extensive know-how and experience of our professionals;
  • appropriate combination of air, sea and land based solutions;
  • effective integration with other supply chain participants;
  • high standard of service throughout the logistics process;
  • guaranteed safety of goods entrusted to us.

The warehouse processes are managed and controlled by high-performance WMS systems, using wireless technology in most warehouse operations.  Preferred solutions are fully integrated IT and EDI interfaces, enabling efficient and accurate communication between client and provider systems. Customers can access online data via an operator’s server to obtain current information on inventory levels, order statuses, and many other reports.

The processes used to implement value-added services are based on the principles of production planning, managed by the MMS module.  This approach guarantees that high-quality standards are maintained, and provides full control of the processes, whilst identifying any areas of non-compliance.

Magdalena KorytkoLogistics solutions