Since Poland’s accession to the European Union, the rules for transporting goods to and from EU states have been simplified; however, regulations are changing continuously and the number of our trade partners from outside Europe is growing.  In order to meet our customers’ expectations  and provide a safe customs service process, LS Logistics not only monitors the safety of entrusted goods, but also provides a full service regarding any required customs and trade documents.

The location for customs clearance and the kind of procedure used are selected to optimize the time and cost, and give customers full confidence that everything is legally compliant. Customs clearance is carried out both at domestic ports/airports and abroad, e.g. in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

LS Logistics provides complex customs services, based on:

  1. The network of partner Customs Agencies cooperating with us on an exclusive basis, covering the following locations: Warsaw, Wrocław, Opole, Międzyrzec Podlaski, Biała Podlaska, Tomaszów Lubelski, Lublin, Gdynia, Gdańska, Szczecin, Kraków i Katowice.
  2. The network of our own and our partners’ customs warehouses, customs depots and regular warehouses, covering the following locations: Warsaw (Urzut, 25km from Warsaw by national road № 2 – 19.000 m2), Gdynia, Wrocław, Opole, Tomaszów Lubelski, Biała Podlaska.

The scope of the customs services of LS Logistics regardless of the location of the branch is as follows:

  • Customs clearance for imports and exports;
  • Customs clearance of all goods, including DGR/ADR, VAL, special cargo, live plants and animals;
  • Simplified procedures;
  • Inward processing;
  • Outward processing;
  • Issuance of T1/T2;
  • Customs storage and warehousing;
  • Other service required by the customer which we can implement for specific logistics projects.

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