For international air freight, we provide the following logistics services:

  • Complex organization of freight exports and imports to and from all airports around the world
  • Freight services from Frankfurt, Warsaw, Wrocław (for freight sent via Frankfurt, we provide full road service connection by truck to/from Poland)
  • A full package of customs services of air freight, i.e. final clearance of the goods on Polish territory, temporary clearance, T1/T2 transit, NCTS procedure as well as simplified procedures, inward and outward processing, etc.
  • Time-matters services
  • Transport of neutral goods, DGR, live animals and plants, controlled temperature and dry ice shipments, perishable goods, valuable shipments (requiring monitoring and convoying) and others.

LS Logistics operates under all Incoterms 2010, i.e. EXW, DAP, FCA/FOB, CIP, CPT, etc. We can provide additional insurance of cargo on request.
Air freight is an active component of our multimodal service: road-air-maritime-railway transport combined with complex customs and warehousing services.
Providing global air freight service LS Logistics takes the role of Logistics Integrator to manage the entire supply chain.
Working flexibly with many subcontractors and logistics networks around the globe, LS Logistics has the best ability to provide adequate service from anywhere in the world.
We can analyse and optimize the logistic solutions that you currently use for air freight free of charge.

Shipments are made in accordance with the Act of 3 July 2002 Aviation Law (Journal of Laws of 16 August 2002) and IATA regulations.

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