For international sea freight, we provide the following services:

  • Export and import to/from all seaports around the world, including ports situated in the lower course of rivers (e.g. in the case of China)
  • LCL exports and imports
  • FCL exports and imports
  • Oversize loads and DGR
  • All kinds of containers: 20dv, 20dv upgraded, 40dv, 40hq, flat rack, reefer, platform.

Our freight services are offered via the following ports: Gdynia, Szczecin, Hamburg, Bremerhaven.
LS Logistics operates under all Incoterms 2010, i.e. EXW, DAP, FOB, CIP, CPT, etc.
For sea freight, we currently provide services to companies operating from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia , Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.
We offer a full package of customs services for sea freight  i.e. final clearance of the goods on Polish territory, temporary clearance, T1/T2 transit, NCTS procedure as well as simplified procedures, inward and outward processing, etc.;
Sea freight is an active component of our multimodal transport service: road-air-maritime-railway transport combined with complex customs and warehousing services.
Providing global see freight service LS Logistics takes the role of Logistics Integrator to manage the entire supply chain.
Our business is based on cooperation with many companies and logistics networks around the world, giving you access to excellent service from anywhere in the World.
We can analyse and optimize the logistic solutions that you currently use for sea freight free of charge.

We work according to rules of the 18 September 2001 Maritime Code (Official Journal of 4 December 2001) and the Convention IMDG.

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